Monica Tuffs – Design Portfolio Website

For this project I was to develop a personalised mosaic layout for the design portfolio of designer Monica Tuffs. As a designer she provided me with several initial deigns. I used her layouts to create responsive variations for mobile and tablet sized devices as well as additional templates for the Wordpress driven site.


Responsive Websites – Petersen Stainless


This responsive website was completely hand-coded from scratch to the clients exact specifications. I worked in-office for the duration of the project using designs supplied by the companies regular graphic designer. The website provides a catalogue for the companies entire product range as well as point of call for online help, support, information, queries and customer service.


My Creative Life – Artist Blog Website

Home - Full Screen

This super-creative artist blog website was an extremely enjoyable project. I put together a responsive Wordpress template based around some the images that Susan (the artist) had brought along. We worked together to design the aesthetics of the website, using my knowledge of web technologies and her creative prowess to design a beautifully expressive and fun website.


Wholetree – Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is understandably very popular with nearly one third of all website views in 2014 coming from a smart phone. This means every website needs to be responsive so as to provide an optimal viewing experience across radically different devices and screen sizes from mobile phones, through various sized tablets, laptops and super high definition HD monitors.

This responsive web design project required me to re-work an existing bespoke Wordpress template to be responsive across all devices and screen sizes.


The Dandy Lion Cafe

Festival Website Design - The dandy Lion Cafe- Home

At Blueleaf Studio we love festivals and always enjoy festival website design. We designed this quick, clean, responsive site for the Dandy Lion Cafe.