Green Web Design and Eco-Friendly Business

Blueleaf Studio is all about Eco-friendly, green web design.  I hold the environment in high regard and am committed to looking after our planet. I consider it our collective responsibility to ensure that the technology we have is not in any way detrimental to the health of the planet and those living on it.

If you’re still not convinced that climate change is man-made then I suggest you read the latest IPCC report.  Scientists are all now 98% sure that climate change is man-made. Thats the same certainty that smoking can cause lung cancer and it’s about as sure as scientists get about anything (I asked my brother, he’s a Doctor of Quantum Physics).

Here are a few things I do to minimise our impact on the environment and deliver truly green web design:

  1. Wind and solar-powered green web hosting

    I offer green, Eco-friendly web hosting at an affordable price. My provider uses 100% renewable energy to power the web servers that Blueleaf Sites are hosted on which is sourced via certified green energy certificates. The energy ultimately comes from a number of wind and solar farms from across Canada and the USA. Although we want to use a local, UK-based company for our hosting, I feel that the environmental policies implemented by UK hosting companies so far are not enough and do those that are do not offer reasonable price that we can pass on to you, the customer.

    More information on our green web hosting…

  2. Renewable energy powered home office – Use clean electricity!

    I work from home cutting out any commuting and transport pollution. I run my home and office spaces using Ecotricity as my energy provider. Ecotricity provides us with 100% renewable energy from it’s network of wind and solar farms across the UK.  Ecotricity provide me with “Green Gas“, a more environmentally friendly alternative until we can afford to get away from gas altogether. Furthermore, they only invest profits in new sources of renewable energy and the research of sustainable energy . By using ecotricity I hope to support their projects and spread renewable energy across the UK.

    On top of using a great energy provider, my home is fitted with Solar Panels, providing all of the power I need to run my office throughout the day.  This means that Blueleaf websites really are made with 100% clean energy!

    Find out more about ecotricity…

  3. A paperless office – Stop using paper, plant more trees!

    I only use paper when it’s absolutely necessary. All my invoices, contracts, agreements and reports are done electronically. In the rare event that paper is necessary, I use recycled paper.  I also take part in voluntary and non-voluntary tree-planting projects locally to help repair some of the damage we’ve done.  In March 2014 I spent 3 weeks helping to plant 9000 trees!

    Read more about our tree planting…

  4. Office recycling and compost – Waste nothing!

    I recycle everything I can through local recycling programmes – although everyone should do this I am always surprised by the lack of effort put into it, every scrap counts! I also have an organic compost area and small vegetable garden.  All of the plastic that can’t be recycled (such as film lids and plastic bags with holes in) I stuff into plastic bottles which go rock-solid.  When I’ve collected enough they’ll be used as bricks in a community building project such as a bench, wall or village composting area.

Eco Friendly Web Design