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Create A Responsive Pop-up Login Box for WordPress

Following on from my last tutorial, How to make a WordPress AJAX login form, I’m going to show you how to make your own lightbox-style pop up login box for wordpress and touch on some funky CSS3 techniques. 1. Add To Our HTML We need to add a few lines to our HTML <form> element from the last tutorial for the popup to work – An inner div to wrap the pop-up content and give us a nice translucent border around our pop-up, a wrapper to centre and group our login and registration button and a button to close our pop-up.  Although… Read more »

First steps: Morocco and Marrakesh

A land of intense aroma, stunning desert landscape, mouthwatering food and beautiful oils. Morocco was like travelling to another world, with the heatburning in the wind as it blew through the dusty, crowded streets and the bazars which lined the alley ways covered from floor to ceiling in all forms of colourful trinkets and textiles. Marrakech was a shock to the system and the irritation from being pestered by 80% of the people we crossed paths with gave us a bad initial impression on arrival. Aside from that, the magic of the city was still clear and hidden within the… Read more »