My Creative Life – Artist Blog Website

 I found the process of working with Ralph to create my website really enjoyable and rewarding. He was really sensitive to my artistic requests whilst bringing me down to earth in terms of what makes an effective online presence. It was fantastic to see my creative vision come together with Ralph's technical expertise to make an easy to navigate, beautiful website. The final product totally exceeded my expectations of what could be possible. I've been massively grateful for all the post-design support and tweaks. It's a pleasure to keep my website up to date and I really enjoy uploading new content.

This super-creative artist blog website was an extremely enjoyable project.  I put together a responsive WordPress template based around some the images that Susan (the artist) had brought along.  We worked together to design the aesthetics of the website, using my knowledge of web technologies and her creative prowess to design a beautifully expressive and fun website.

Among the features included are a fully responsive design, social networking buttons – both ones leading to Susans various pages and profiles and ones enabling readers to like, share and pin any of the posts or pages on the site.  Another nice picture was the Flickr gallery which displays responsive grids of any of susans flickr albums right on the site.

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