Dexters Dexterous Flyer

Here is a flyer we’ve just produced for an upcoming gig. Did a bit of exploring in illustrator at the same time! Let us know what you think of the results, and hopefully we’ll see you at the gig!

Dexter Dexterous and the Fingersmiths

4 Responses to “Dexters Dexterous Flyer”

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    Hi, I want to ask you something. Is this site a wordpress web site? We are contemplating shifting our web site from Blogger to wordpress, you think this is doable? Also did you produce this specific template yourself some how? Many thanks for your assistance!

    • Ralph

      Hi, Yes, this is a wordpress site with numerous plugins that we made ourselves specifically for the site. The template was just coded from scratch using the information in the wordpress codex where you should be able to find all the info you need to make your own template, provided that you know HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP. Google is also your friend, there is a large community and lots of information available about developing with wordpress if you want to make your own unique templates and plugins.

      I used to use Joomla! more than wordpress but recently I’ve found that wordpress is a lot more flexible and easier to program with, as well as providing a better admin interface for my clients.

      I wouldn’t know about shifting from blogger to wordpress as i’ve never used blogger before.

      Hope this is of some help.


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