Responsive Websites – Petersen Stainless


This responsive website was completely hand-coded from scratch to the clients exact specifications. I worked in-office for the duration of the project using designs supplied by the companies regular graphic designer. The website provides a catalogue for the companies entire product range as well as point of call for online help, support, information, queries and customer service.


Petersen Deck Hardware E-commerce

This E-commerce site was based on previous sites designed for Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd. A branding guide was supplied and styles were developed inline with the main Petersen website. Familiar CMS and e-commerce software was used to help site administrator quickly manage inventory and orders. SEO, ad-sense and google analytics were all pivotal to the success of the site.  Speed was also a priority and time was spent optimising the site as much as possible within the constraints of the server.


Monica Tuffs – Design Portfolio Website

For this project I was to develop a personalised mosaic layout for the design portfolio of designer Monica Tuffs. As a designer she provided me with several initial deigns. I used her layouts to create responsive variations for mobile and tablet sized devices as well as additional templates for the Wordpress driven site.


Fire In The Hole – Outdoor Pizza Oven

Fire In The Hole Pizza Catering

Fire In The Hole is an event catering business providing fresh, stone-baked pizza. The website was designed around their existing logo and aesthetic.


Bar Loco

A simple information website designed around the colours of the bar. Full page photographs were to the main focus of the design. I developed a custom events plugin to work with the wordpress CMS, allowing bar staff to add events easily.