The Blueleaf Web Design Workflow

If you’re interested in hiring me to do some web design or development work, this page will explain the process for Blueleaf web design.  For full website designs I collect payment in three stages – an initial deposit of ⅓, another ⅓ after the graphics and layout are complete but before I begin programing, and the final ⅓ when the project is finished and you’re happy.

  1. Describe Your Project

    First, start by submitting a quote request.  This small questionnaire has been designed to get you thinking about your project as well as supplying me with the things I need to know to give you a price.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask by contacting me here.

  2. Settle on a price

    Once we’ve established what the project involves we can modify your quote to suit your budget.  You’ll also receive login details to this website and be able to review your quote from the client area.  Once you’re happy with your quote, I’ll require a deposit of ⅓ of the project cost.

  3. Collect Content

    A website is only as good as the content it contains.  It’s up to you to get all the relevent content to me.  If I know what information needs to be presented before we start, you’ll get a better website.  This is also the time to start thinking about your search engine keywords as your written content should contain them in paragraphs and headings.

  4. Graphics, Styles and Branding

    Based on the information and material you’ve provided I’ll create several “Style Tiles”.  Style Tiles are basically image presentations consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of your visual brand for the web.  We can then review and refine the styles to settle on suitable branding.

  5. Layout and Interface

    Once we have selected our style then, depending on the complexity of the project, I will supply some wireframes of the basic site layout.  Wireframes have no colouring, styles or branding applied to them and are used to help us determine the best possible layout for your site as well as exploring how it will actually be used and what elements need to go on what page.

  6. Mock-ups

    Next I’ll create complete mock-ups of one or two of the pages for the website.  These won’t function and will be presented as images or pdf files.  We can review the mock-ups and make any tweaks as necessary.

  7. Development

    With our website thoroughly planned, we can commence with the programming.  At this point I’ll collect a further ⅓ of the project cost from you.  If you decide to go no further, then the designs and mock-up’s are still yours to do with as you please.  Initially development will take place here in my office but at intervals I’ll upload the progress to a password-protected web server so that you can see how things are going and offer your feedback.

  8. Testing

    Once the site is completed I’ll need your assistance in testing everything works.   We’ll fix any problems and iron out all the creases.

  9. Deployment

    We’ll remove the password and make your site public so search engines can start indexing your pages and your customers can start using it!  At this point I’ll take the final ⅓ payment from you but it’s not goodbye forever…

  10. Follow-up

    I’ll check back with you to make sure things are running smoothly and I’m only an email away if you get stuck editing content or managing your orders.

  11. Maintenance

    I offer a monthly maintenance package that will include backups of your files and database, upgrades of any software and general code improvements as web technologies progress.  The cost of the maintenance package will depend on your website.


If you feel like Blueleaf web design is for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or request a quote.