The Keelmans Lodge & Big Lamp Brewery

This pub website design and development project involved the creation of twin websites for the north-east’s oldest micro brewery, the Big Lamp Brewery and Keelman Pub and It’s on-site B&B, the Keelman’s Lodge.

Both websites feature the same design and CMS management but each has been tailored specifically and SEO optimised for different clientele.  The design of the site took inspiration from the countryside setting and existing branding of the Keelman Pub and modernised and enhanced it for a more up-to-date appearance, while trying to maintain the traditional air of such a long standing business.

The Keelman’s Lodge website features dedicated sections for near by attractions and activities which can be edited thanks to a custom extension to the CMS.  The Keelman’s lodge website also features a Booking Calendar, developed especially to work with the existing booking software being used at the lodge.

The Big Lamp website uses an e-commerce system to catalog brewery products.   Although launched as a product catalog, the site is ready to be upgraded to a fully fleged e-commerce website at a moments notice.  The Big Lamp website also features a restaurant menu, easily updated via the CMS with a few clicks.

As well as this both websites feature easily mainained contact pages and location page featuring a google map to illustrate the great location close to so many historcal sites in the north-east of England.  Also added to the CMS for easy managment is a “Front Page Slides” section.  This allows administrators to easily and quickly update special offers and seasonal activities.

Both sites load mobile-friendly alternatives when viewed from a mobile phone or tablet.  The same content is served using a simplified, responsive layout and esier navigation in the form of a pop-out Javascript menu.

The main features of this project were:

  • Responsive, mobile ready template
  • Clean, clear and accessible design
  • Local activities and attraction listings
  • A Blog with access management for all members of staff
  • Quality in tourism and Trip advisor certificates
  • Flexible and easily changed restaurant menus
  • All aspects content managed with no programming knowledge
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