Web Design Newcastle – Blueleaf Studio

Blueleaf Studio Web Design Newcastle Upon TyneBlueleaf Studio is the name for my home-based web design and development company, located in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Who am I?

My name is Ralph Stokes and I’ve been designing and developing websites since 2010.  I’m completely self-taught and competent with HTML5, CSS3 (withSASS/SCSS), Javascript, PHP and MySQL technologies.

I’m passionate about all of my work and naturally I want everything I do to be the best I can make it  (so if you’re looking for a cheap, old-fashioned eye-sore of a website you’re in the wrong place!).  I have a strong work ethic and prefer to do jobs for small, local business in and around Newcastle and the North East, although I don’t mind working nationally and even internationally, communicating with clients by phone or email.  I’m also a bit of an environmentalist and believe that all business should not place profit before the health of the planet and it’s people.  You can read more about my Blueleaf approach to business here.  I want to help my clients interact with their customers on a level that is not just about money and utilise social media platforms as well as targeted Search Engine Optimisation in all my projects.  I also value working one-on-one in personal and friendly way.

My approach to design and development is modern and adventurous.  I’m not afraid to use emerging web technologies or learn new things to improve my websites even if it requires a few weeks of study!

I enjoy working for myself, being my own boss and running free about the world.  I like to travel and want to see the world, meet it’s inhabitants and gawk at it’s beauty.  As well as web design and programming I am an avid music producer, guitar player and animal-lover (Yes, I’m vegetarian). I enjoy gardening or any opportunity to get out from my computer corner of awesome web design.