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Studio Build Part 4 – Broadband Absorbers – Cloud, Wall and Door Panels

Following on from the previous posts about building acoustic treatment I’m going to walk through the creation of the panels I made to hang from the ceiling walls and doors of my living-room studio. All the panels were made from the same insulation and so all have the same acoustic properties.  Again, I used Knauf Earthwool RS60 as I had done for the corner absorbers. First I made and installed three panels as clouds, hanging above the mixing console and speakers.  To make things easy I made each one the same size as a slab of insulation which is 120cm x… Read more »

Studio Build Part 3 – Building More Broadband Absorbers

In my previous posts I wrote about the planning process for building my acoustic treatment and refining the space and how I installed bass traps in the two available corners of my studio. In this post I’m going to show you how I built the rest of my broad-band absorbers. With my trihedral corners covered, The next set of treatment involved absorbing sound in the dihedral corners.  The only ones available to build along were where the ceiling meets the walls.  Following the success of the trihedral corner traps I used a similar design.  I chose to fill the corners with… Read more »

Studio Build Part 2 – Building Corner Bass Absorbers

The first bit of building for the acoustic treatment of Blueleaf Studio commences.  I’ve started instilling the bass traps first as the low frequencies are usually the hardest to tame in any room, and are also the most crucial when it comes to mixing.  You can read plenty of articles on bass traps on the internet like this one.  I got shed loads of information from the acoustic and studio building forum over at gearslutz and from John Sayers Recording Studio Design Forum so check them out if you need advice. The first corners I decided to tackle were the “power corners”… Read more »

Studio Build Part 1 – Planning Blueleaf Recording Studio

Studio Room Plan

The Grand re-opening of Blueleaf Recording Studio is on the horizon.  This series will document the process of designing and building a new studio space for audio mixing and recording.  Hopefully it’ll provide some useful information for anyone else taking the DIY approach to acoustics… After reading extensively about acoustics for a few weeks and researching the various options available to me to treat my room, it became apparent I was going to have to re-arrange my room.  First I drew up a plan, taking into account the theoretical “ideal” listening position along the short wall, at 38% the depth of the… Read more »