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First steps: Morocco and Marrakesh

A land of intense aroma, stunning desert landscape, mouthwatering food and beautiful oils. Morocco was like travelling to another world, with the heatburning in the wind as it blew through the dusty, crowded streets and the bazars which lined the alley ways covered from floor to ceiling in all forms of colourful trinkets and textiles. Marrakech was a shock to the system and the irritation from being pestered by 80% of the people we crossed paths with gave us a bad initial impression on arrival. Aside from that, the magic of the city was still clear and hidden within the... Read more »

Annie and Ralph’s Excellent Adventure

I should have started this a while ago but I’ve been a bit lazy and enjoying the sites of Europe. I’ll post photos and ramblings of all our experiences in this category on my blog, check back or follow the links in facebook to see what we’ve been up to and where we are. Hope to see some comments up here too! The adventure begins! Namaste.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction – Re-posted from The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.  Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.  But the Law of Attraction gives rise to some tough questions that don’t seem to have good answers.  I would say, however, that these problems aren’t caused by the Law of Attraction itself but rather by the Law of Attraction as applied to objective reality. Here are some of those problematic questions (all are generalizations of ones I received via email): What happens when people put out conflicting intentions, like... Read more »

Twelve Doors demo by Dub Tek

This is the latest track from my electronic chillout outfit, Dub Tek. We’ve got our London Debut at the weekend, really looking forward to playing some of the the latest tracks which are starting to sound really good now after much tweaking and twiddling! Please enjoy and let me know what you think Twelve Doors demo by Dub Tek on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free.

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