Venetian Romance And Posh Food

Hello from Venice!  This is one of the most unique and beautiful cities we’ve visited so far. Also one of the most expensive! Don’t go to Venice without some extra money saved up.

VeniceStreet art plant in VeniceThe Architecture is magnificent and the waterways not only make the place one of a kind, but free the city from cars and traffic filled roads – this is the best thing about Venice.

The second best thing about Venice is the food. I love Italian food the best (who doesn’t?) so inspired we decided to treat ourselves to a quality meal in a proper restaurant. We’ve been waiting all trip for this and sleeping on the streets was well worth it just so we could afford this luxury.

However, it’s nearly impossible to find vegetarian food anywhere in Venice. While the city is geared towards tourism, and is not lacking in restaurants, it took us the best part of the day to find a decent vegetarian main course. The restaurant we found in the end was beautiful. Called La Piscina the eating area was on a jetty on the main canal overlooking the water. We had an excellent view of the sun set while we ate. Our big posh dinner consisted of French bean and ricotta lasagne, cheese and kiwi green salad, rosted Italian vegetables and a pastry basket filled with aubergine, covered in cheese and tomato sauce. By far the most fancy meal we’ve ever had together. Topped with a bottle of wine, chocolate cake and coffee it was a very romantic evening.

street art of sleeping man Sunset in Venice

Its great to feel like we’re actually on holiday, this is the first time we’ve bought an ice cream too! 🙂

Ice cream in venice

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