Be Therapies

Be therapies is a website for Becca Poremba who provides therapeutic treatments from massage to yoga to art therapy.

This creative website was a joy to produce.  The initial design phase was quick and precise thank to an excellent mood board produced by Becca.  All content was also provided up-front and had been thoroughly thought through.  All of this made the final design better and easier to reach.  Becca had explained the colour palate and the meaning behind eat one as well as providing some excellent photographs.  This formed the main visual aesthetic for the site combined with Beccas own illustrations.

The Home page makes full use of the high-quality photographs as a centre piece for the introduction of Beccas business. Each slide’s picture and content are fully editable via the CMS.  New slides can also be added.

I produced four page variations and assigned a colour to each one to identify the different section of the site.  The templates can be assigned on a page-by-page bass within the CMS.

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