Planning for India

It’s our last night in Verona, northern Italy. Been chilling out at a campsite here for three days. Right in the middle of the city with a beautiful view of the old part of town and the river.

Verona is nice, it’s laid back and the campsite has everything we need. The architecture is beautiful and the view from our tent is picturesque. As there’s not a lot to do here is giving us a bit of time to think about India.

We only have three weeks left before we fly to Delhi and we’re just trying to use this time to chill out and organise a few things for when we arrivei.
So far the plan is to explore the north – Rishikesh, Varinassi and Sarnath before doing a 10 day vipassana meditation corse in Bodhgaya then getting the train through Mumbai to Goa and heading south down the coast. We’d love to do more in the north of India but it’s going to start getting cold in November and we’re not equipped! It was hard enough when it started raining in the alps!

We’d love to hear any suggestions or advice from anyone whose been to India so please leave your comments below.

Next stop – Venice!!

3 Responses to “Planning for India”

  1. Dad

    Hi Son & Annie, Glad you and Annie like Verrona I do too. This trip is quite something, look forward to following it via blue leaf. Yes, steer clear of rain, follow the sun. Cant suggest anything for India as I’ve never been there but mum has but I can give you some Homespun trivia. When your bro was about 3 he used to run around after his bath with a towel wrapped around his head saying, “I’m a Hindu, I’m a Hindu”. This was actually incorrect as Hindus dont wear turbans. Here is some advice for India ;Enjoy lots of curry!!!!

  2. Nathan

    Hey guys, nice to hear from you. You will be glad to know that its got real cold here so soak up that sun. Looking forward to some photos of meanderings.

  3. Sarjerao

    I liked the writting skills ,
    Keep going to places & do write alot



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