Green Web Design – Planting Trees To Make A New Woodland

I don’t just talk about Green Web Design – I actually try to do positive things.  We can all do something to support, encourage and bring us closer to nature; which ultimately is what has supplied us with the technology to make Green Web Design a reality. Personally, I try to do conservation and environmental work when when time allows for it -especially when the weather is good in spring and summer.  It’s a great break from sitting down at a computer, gets me out in the open air and sunshine (or, as is more likely here in the UK, rain) and revitalises me.  Sometimes we forget the world out side when we’re cooped up in doors.  I’d highly recommend anyone whose job primarily consists of sitting at a desk in a room to get out there and do some different work at least once in a year.  Not only can you make yourself feel better but you can help the world a great deal and make sure it stays a healthy place to live. Woodland This spring I had the pleasure of assisting Whole Tree – environmental aboriculturalists Rich and Andrew – plant a brand new woodland in the neighbouring suburb of Ryton.  The woodland consisted of  9,000 deciduous trees native to Britain.  I even learned a few latin names along the way.  They included Quirkus (Oak), Tilia (lime), Sorbus (Rowan), Prunus Avium (Cherry) and well, I’ve forgotten the names of the rest… The New Woodland Whole Tree - Tree Planters 9,000 Trees Assisting us with the mammoth task of planting 9,000 trees were a class of school children (aged 7) from the local school, local conservation volunteers from Gateshead council and  volunteers from Barclays bank and the sponsors Velvet who make toilet paper.  In all honesty, Velvet were very lazy and seemed to participate as little as possible in the actually planting of any trees.  They were mostly concerned with shooting a promo video.  Although half of the project had been funded by Gateshead council and the land donated, Velvet had tied down all other parties so that they had exclusive rights to any promotion of the project. There is always a (Velvet) monster lurking in the shadows but it is nothing compared to the good being achieved by the project.  The aim of projects such as this should always be to support the environment, provide beautiful places for our children to live in and a sanctuary for the many creatures we share the land with.  Yes, it is tainted with the lust for money and without the financial sponsors this could never have gone ahead but the sense achievement and accomplishment one gains from planting a woodland is far stronger. I hope that this will help to offset some of my emissions for this year and provide a beautiful woodland for the next generation.

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    • Ralph

      It’ll be noticeable in around 20 years and reach maturity in around 50 years! It’s a long time to wait but as a civilisation we’re going to have to start planning long term rather than just planning for the next financial year 🙂


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